Terms of use

Platinum care package

This package includes:

  • Extended warranty to 1 year – Standard terms apply as stated below.
  • Extended returns - Bike purchases including the Platinum care package will qualify for our extend returns period. You can return all unused bikes up until the 9th of January. Standard terms apply as stated in our returns section.
  • Visual bike inspection - The Mafiabike team will open your bike box and visually inspect (where detail packaging will allow), for damage, insufficient packaging and/or missing parts. Once satisfied, we will re-seal the bike in a new carton and ship it to you. We do have our own quality control checks at our factory, however from time to time, mistakes can happen (we’re only human). Also, transportation from the factory to our warehouse can sometimes result in minor internal damage. This is a peace of mind check that is highly recommended.

This package covers up to two bikes

Buy one get one FREE

You cannot return buy one get one free items unless the entire order is returned (both bikes) and our usual terms are adhered to. Please see our return details for full details on returning Bogof items. Bogof is not stackable with any other offers and no other reductions can be included. All reduced items are excluded from this offer and we will not send any free bikes out to those purchasing another bike on offer.

Sales and offers

At times we may have flash sales running on our website, prices may change without notice.

Mafiabike are in no way liable, to refund any money for any item purchased before a price drop.

You can return any unused items for up to 14 days, the return delivery will be at your cost. The refund of your order will be refunded within 5 business days, minus the original delivery cost and a restocking fee, this could be up to 35% of your original order. Please note, if you are looking to re-order another sale item, the item required may be out of stock or the sale may have ended. If a discount is not automatically added in the cart then your item is excluded, or the offer has ended - regardless of any marketing materiel or imagery. Mafiabike takes no responsibility for other parties marketing materiel and is not liable for any charges or obliged to honour any discounts incurred by the perception of offers made elsewhere.

Non-UK shipping

Mafiabike.com does not charge sales tax on your order, you may be charged local sales taxes and fees for your item upon its arrival into your country. Mafiabike.com is not liable for these taxes and takes no responsibility for their costs and effects on delivery time.

Road use

The majority of Mafiabikes are supplied for off-road use. If you intend to use your bicycle on the road, please ensure you have the appropriate legally required features to do so, such as front & rear brakes, chain guard, reflectors, bell. If you do not have these items but you want to ride on the road, we supply an optional road kit, which is included with the purchase of a bike. Please fill out our request form quoting your order details and we will dispatch the parts as soon as possible.

Point of Sale

Mafiabikes photographs all products in a studio environment under studio lighting. We try to portray the colours and details in their truest form, however some colours such as metallics, may differ slightly when viewing the product in open natural light or on different screens, such as smartphones and PC monitors. Marbled tyres and grips are manufactured in a way that the pattern cannot be duplicated exactly. This may result in a tyre or grip that has slightly more or less marble effect.

You as a customer agree that at the point of sale you understand that the product you see on the website image may appear slightly differently compared to the item you receive.


There is a 14-day return window from time of purchase to return any unwanted items that are unopened and in their original protective packaging. These can be exchanged or refunded; however, it is the responsibility of the customer to cover their shipping expenses. For refunds of products that do not fall into the Warranty category, the refund will be subject to the deduction of the original shipping cost and restock fee, this could be up to 35% of your original order. Note: Some of our product prices are inclusive of shipping and therefore are still subject to this deduction. Refunds typically can take up to 5 business days to clear back into the account that the original payment was made from. At times we may have flash sales running on our website, prices may change without notice. Mafiabike are in no way liable, to refund any money for any item purchased before a price drop. Please note, if you are looking to re-order another sale item, the item required may be out of stock or the sale may have ended.


Important: Servicing (1 week/50-mile service)

For your safety and also to validate your warranty, your new bike needs to be serviced by a qualified bicycle shop technician after approximately 1 week’s riding or 50 miles (whichever comes sooner). This is because all moving parts are liable to bed-in and require adjustment e.g. crank bearings, wheel bearings & headset bearings. The chain may also require re-tensioning. All nuts & bolts should also be checked to ensure they are sufficiently tight along with wheel spokes. If you do not have your 1-week service record (signed and stamped receipt), then your warranty is invalid.

Completes & parts

6 months manufacturer’s warranty covers unexpected failure/defect of all parts/components. Any defect in the goods arising from: fair wear and tear, assembly, maintenance, any modification of the frame, fork, or components from the original specifications, including shot blasting and/or painting/powder coating where this may be attributed to the failure, or any installation of components, parts, or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the bicycle as sold; wilful damage, abnormal storage or working conditions, accident and crash damage outside what is considered normal use*; negligence by you or by any third party; failure to operate or use the goods in accordance with the user manual; any alteration or repair by you or by a third party who is not one of our authorised repairers; or any specification provided by you, is not covered by warranty. The claimant must be the original owner/purchaser and produce a receipt to prove the date of purchase.

*Normal use is defined as “using the bicycle in a controlled fashion that is within your own capabilities”.

  • Examples of items not covered by your warranty:
  • wear and tear
  • accident or crash damage
  • deliberate damage or abuse
  • after sale alterations to the product (welding, brazing, filing, drilling or repairs.)
  • modification including shot blasting and/or painting/powder coating
  • buckled wheels
  • worn tyres
  • worn/broken chains (unless clearly a manufacturing defect)
  • worn sprockets
  • worn bearings or hub internals
  • bent forks / frame / bars / axles / cranks / pedals
  • worn brake cables/ contaminated fluid in hydraulic brake
  • frame/fork cracks/breaks from material fatigue or corrosion

  • Examples of items that are covered where it is clear there has been no abuse or misuse (note: you will need to supply photos of both sides of your bike & then may further be asked to return the failed component):

  • cracked or broken frames from manufacture defect
  • cracked or broken forks from manufacture defect
  • cracked or broken bars from manufacture defect
  • cracked or broken hubs from manufacture defect
  • internal axle failure bb/wheels from manufacture defect
  • visible manufacturing defects to any part or component (should be reported as soon as noticed)
  • How to claim

    Warranty claims will only be handled through the appropriate channel via our online form. If you do not supply all the requested information, your claim may be rejected. Please go to www.stomp-group.com to register a warranty enquiry.

    You are expected to keep your bike in serviceable condition. Any failure attributed to incorrect, or lack of maintenance will be easily detected by our engineers & rejected.

    When you make a claim, you will be expected to provide photographic evidence of your complete bike (photos of both sides even if it is a single small component failure) including close shots of the failed component(s). In most instances you will then be required to send the failed part/component back to our head office for inspection at your own cost.

    If a repair or replacement is not possible Mafiabikes reserve the right to offer an alternative of equal or greater value (colour may vary) or a partial refund proportional to the remaining life of the product.

    Before assembly

    Please note, your bicycle has been supplied in a carton (box) in a semi-knock-down state. This means it requires some basic assembly & a thorough inspection by a competent experienced person prior to riding. We strongly recommend that this inspection is carried out by a trained bicycle technician at a bicycle shop where they regularly build and service bicycles. It’s paramount for the riders safety that this bicycle is thoroughly checked over for any potential safety issues prior to riding. We will not accept any liability whatsoever for injury or death sustained as a result of improper assembly and inspection of your new bicycle. If you should encounter any such issue during assembly / inspection please do not hesitate in contacting us using the appropriate warranty or returns form to be found at www.stomp-group.com


    All Mafiabikes are designed for use at an entry level (unless specifically stated). This means small airs, jumps or hops (max 1 foot or 12 inches), which may incorporate basic tricks such as foot jams, spins, barspins, peg stands, manuals, wheelies and swerves. If you push your bike beyond this level, you do so entirely at your own risk. Should you wish to go beyond these limits we advise you upgrade your bicycle to one that is built entirely of aftermarket parts.

    For your safety and for the optimum performance of your bicycle it should be checked thoroughly by a trained bicycle technician on a regular basis. This is especially true for BMX bikes, which may sustain regular immeasurable impacts. A bicycle which has not been serviced correctly and is ridden in a manner which it may sustain regular immeasurable and unquantifiable impacts, may cause component failure and potential injury or death. Stomp Distribution Limited will not be held liable in any way for any injury or death sustained as a result of improper/incorrect use, servicing or maintenance. As a guide we suggest a full inspection by a qualified person every 3 months however this is only a guide & is by no means exhaustible. It is your responsibility to ensure your bicycle is safe to ride AT ALL TIMES. If you ride your bicycle in an ‘extreme way’ i.e. to perform tricks, you should inspect your bicycle every time you ride it and also during the period you are riding it. It is highly recommended that you carry any essential tools you may require for continued maintenance whilst you are riding as this is common practice within freestyle riding. You should be prepared at all times to be in a position to rectify any servicing or maintenance issue which could potentially cause component failure, injury or death. Your safety is entirely your responsibility.

    Ride safe

    Wherever you ride, you should take every precaution to protect yourself from potential injury. Always wear a protective helmet and make sure you stay visible to others by wearing brightly coloured clothing such as a reflective jacket when using public roads. If you are riding in a skate park or other off-road location, ensure you are always well protected. If performing tricks or riding difficult obstacles such as ramps, curbs, rails or trails we strongly advise the use of a full-face helmet, protective gloves, elbow & knee pads, shin/ankle pads & protective shoes.


    For all maintenance and servicing guidelines please visit the Mafia Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/rockerbmx or our online User Manual

    Last Updated 19/10/2022

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